Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. (the "Company") collects minimum personal information in order to provide accurate and sincere response to your request.

  • 1. Purpose

    The Company uses personal information for counseling and application for services.

  • 2. Information Collected

    The Company collects the following personal information for counseling and Application for services:

    - Required information

    Name, E-mail address

    Date of birth, photo, Address(of users applying for certificates)

    Company(of users inquiring about CI)

  • 3. Processing and Retention Period for Personal Information

    The Company retains personal information until the purpose of processing is achieved and destroys it without delay once the purpose is achieved or the information is retainde for more than a year. However, the Company may retain the information if the Company received prior consent or in accordance with the related laws and regulations.

  • 4. Right to Refuse Consent/Disadvantages

    You have a right to refuse consent to collection and use of your personal information. However, there may be restrictions on the use of the service if you refuse consent.

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  • CareersJob opportunities for recent graduates and industry professionals
  • InquirySupplier and Contractor Inquiries
  • BusinessNew client inquiries, Marketing, Product information
  • InvestorsStock information, Financial information
  • CIRequest of using corporate logo file
  • OthersAll other inquiries
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